Leaking fork '05 CRF450X

My right side fork keeps leaking. I just had the seals replaced and they still keep leaking. A puddle in the back of my truck, a puddle in the garage, etc...

I think i need new shims but cant afford them and another break down/rebuild right now.


Ive heard that i can add fork oil through the pressure release valve. Is that true? Is there anyway to determine how much I need to add or any way to check the final level after adding?

check the fork chrome tubes for nicks or damage as this will ruin a new seal quickly , also old bushes can creat problems as they allow the fork to move too much

x2. not that hard to take apart. Mine kept leaking and I changed the seals 3x in a short period of time. My chrome on forks looked good. Bushings not bad. I couldnt figure out what was wrong. Alignment was fine. My problem was too much acumulated dirt inside the tube. I disassembled again used brake cleaner to make the tube as clean as a gun barrel . Problem solved.!!!!! No sign of any leakage. It's been 6 or 7 months now.

It could be a couple of things. I would start with the following:

1 - make sure the forks are properly aligned, and not bowed inwards due to torquing the nut on the axle. If you don't know how to properly align the forks, there are several how-to's on the net. I think the MB1 webpage had a how to on it.

2 - Was the oil seal (inner seal) installed correctly? The spring on the oil seal should be oriented upwards.

3 - Are there any nicks on the fork tube that are cutting into the seals? If there are, you can take a piece of fine grit sand paper and buff it down.


Now that you mention it, when i bought the bike, (just a couple months ago) the axle bolt was counter-sunk about 1/4". The forks have since been aligned but is there a chance of damage?

it could have damaged the bushes, well it will no doubt, as they are rubbing hard at the sides of the tubes.

so, more than likely I need to replace the bushings?

yes, as often you cant see the real damage done with the naked eye.You have to take them apart as they are leaking, so it makes sence to do the job right and then you wont be taking them apart again in a few rides.I would use OEM bushes and SKF seals.

Thnx Mog

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