What cylinders fit a '93 CR250?

I've got a 1993 CR250 I'm thinking of repairing and it's missing the cylinder. What other year cylinders will work on the '93? Will I need to use the same year power valve parts as whatever cylinder I wind up with? Can I still use the '93 head (I have one of those)? Are any years "better" than others?

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any 92-01 will work, they are all ported slightly different but there is not one that is the "best" although i would avoid the 97-00, the 97-98 have a very violent engine but then they tried to tame it in the 99-00 and made it kind of boring to ride. I have a 92 cylinder for sale btw.

You can use a 92-01 cyl. as mentioned. I've owned a 93, 97 & 01. A buddy of mine also owned a 96 250 model that felt like a 125 on steroids. My favorite cyl. was the 93 it had the broadest powerband similar to a current 03 model I have now. BTW the 97 did not have a violent motor it was a decent motor had a good pull thru out the revs. I've ridden 99-00 models they have a nice pull of the bottom but fall off the topend sooner than the other models. Hope this helps.

01 would be most peoples choice if they are power hounds. My 2000 jug runs very well. You would have to do some checking on power valves to figure what years they changed to correspond to the jug.

01 would be most peoples choice if they are power hounds.

I've always heard good things about the 2001 models. An '01 cylinder on a '93 chassis sounds like an interesting combination. :confused:

Thanks for all the replies. :thumbsup:

you would want the 01 PV as well then, plan on getting an 01 pipe and ignition or you will not be set up right, prolly can mill the head tp 01 specs, not sure

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