Selling moded Rm 250

How much can i sell my 2000 rm 250 for? Titles in hand, and it has a fresh top end (67.00mm Namura piston, rings, circlips, wristpin, wristpin bearing, and o rings/gaskets), bottom end rebuild, jetting has been moded, pro circuit exhaust with r304 silencer/muffler and 3mm spacer, 48 tooth t.a.g. sprocket, rental gold chain, renthal bars, msr clutch, also got stock exhaust, set of new tires, bike stand, chest protector, boots, helmet, and all fluids new. Starts first kick. Thanks.

(pic was taken before i washed and detailed the bike)


Start somewhere around 1600-1900

1900 w/gear

I got $950 out of this 98, it needed a clutch basket but had 32 hours on the top end and a fresh bottom end.


Whoa.. I was going to say down closer to, or under, $1000. Am I way off? Maybe I am missing something? :/

IMO I wouldn't pay more than about $1000 for an 00 and older RM.

IMO I wouldn't pay more than about $1000 for an 00 and older RM.

Same here!

You will be lucky to get 1700 out of the deal. The big thing to consider is that it is over a decade old and that you could get a much newer one for a few hundred more.

i think if you cleaned it up a little you can get around 1700-1900 w/ gear.

The shrouds are a turnoff, im sure some goo gone would take that stuff off. Polish, just give it a nice clean.

I paid 1200 for my 2001 rm 125, came with a new topend and just recently did a compression test (after a few rides i have had it) and it came back at 145 so all is well. But i bet when i turn around and sell the bike i can get around 1600-1800 from it because i meticulously clean my bikes and what not.

So, clean the bike, take some new/better photos.

Around here on Clist anywhere from $1,200-$1,600

In Michigan I would say that $1,200 would be tops ~ maybe less, even with the gear. For $1,700 I would expect to find a clean '04.

It mostly depends on your area, did you check NADA and Blue Book?

2 stroke bikes have more resale value, they turn over quickly.

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