RV in Outdoors?


Is Ryan Villopoto racing outdoors? Im pretty sure Stewart is because Transworld has footage of him outdoor testing

I'm pretty certain I heard him mention hoping to win an MX championship when he gave his speech at the SX award ceremony.

You better believe it. Now we all get to see RV really shine!!! Go DUNGEY!!!

I hope so. Villopoto is my favorite, but Dungey is defiantly up there

i dont think stewart is,the last time he spoke about it he said his sponsors didnt want to pay for it. i seen the video too,he might be trying to put something together

RV is absolutely racing outdoors. Stewart, not so much.

In one of the major mags, I read that James Stewart is planning to race the first 4 events. I hope he races more, give RV a challenge in the outdoors.

Is RV racing outdoors? Since he is healthy that is like asking if boobs are good.....

He is a MX machine that kid is.

i think hes the favorite to win even if js races.

So far i am not to impressed with him outdoors

hes been sick supposedly..

i was @ freestone today, he was off pace for sure.

i was expecting him to rebound by this round but if hes sick, so be it.

keep in mind, he hasnt raced outdoors in TWO years

He looks sickly and needs to quit riding with Weimer. Dungey and Reed are on their game.

I still think he is gonna come around. three 3rd's and what, a 7th or something? Waaaaay too early to say he is not the same RV. And yes, he has been under the weather but still on the box 3 out of the 4 motos. He will be in it to the end I think....

Having not raced outdoors in 2 years is hurting him. He will come back. He has the speed he just needs the stamina back. I don't want Reed to win it. I would like to see Villipoto or Dungey win it all.

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