2000 rm 250 powervalve help

iam in the process of a topend rebuild and was gonna clean the powervalve which was horrible,but iam having trouble getting the three phillips head screws out that hold the valve in. already tried wd-40, oil everything, almost stripped one out, i need to hone the cylinder but must take out the valve first?.......scared to apply any heat to them also.......any thoughts

If your taking it to the shop to have them hone it then let them take the bolts and exhaust valve out. If the engine is out of the bike it shouldn't be a problem. If still in bike then you have to deal with frame clearance.

You will need a hand impact driver with a #1 phillips bit to get it out if it is not already stripped. I did not have a #1 bit for my driver when I did mine and one got stripped. I had to use a cheisel to get it out as a last resort. You should not need any heat to remove.


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