battery wont charge

okay, so, about three weeks ago after work i discovered my battery was completely dead when i tried to start it with the e-start. and it took a lot of time to start it with the kick starter, but eventually i got it going again. i rode it around for a while to let it recharge, and it did, and for the next day or two i had enough juice to start it with the kick starter and it seemed back to normal. but since then, little by little, the battery hasnt been giving me anything. it got worse and worse till a few days ago when i realized that it didnt even have enough battery to light the small leds on my dash when the motor isnt on. and forget about the head light. and even when i turn it on and ride, the head light remains very, very dim, and the horn barely works, just gives a tiny beep.

so do you guys think the battery is busted, or does it sound like an alternator problem? how can i test it?

Start the engine, connect a voltmeter (multimeter set on DC volts) to the battery. You should see 13-14 volts when you rev the engine a bit if the alternator is charging. If you are seeing good charge, the battery is probably shot. Less than 13 volts, alternator and/or rectifier/regulator problems.

Is this a lead/acid battery? If so, make sure the electrolyte levels are ok. Check the battery wiring for loose/corroded connections.

Batteries seem to be joining the consumer products charge toward POS status on a regular basis.

I've replaced more batteries in the past 5 years than the previous 30 combined.

just go buy a new battery

How old is it?

5 or more years old?

If everything works fine when it's running your alternter is working. Check the terminals for corrosion and if they're good you need a new battery.

hey guys, thanks for the input. i dont know how old the battery is. i bought the bike last september. When im running, the headlight is very dim and the horn barely works, but the dash backlight does illuminate. none of those things work when the bike isnt running. any when i rev the motor, the lights get brighter, through not a whole lot, so i guess thats in indication that the alternator is okay? i doubt its corrosion or bad contacts cause it happened gradually, but quickly over about two weeks, but of course ill check anyways. hopefully i can find a new battery. motorcycle parts are kinda hard to come by here. im pretty sure its a lead/acid battery. ill test it with a voltmeter this weekend... if its not still raining...

new battery did the trick! just installed new air filter and put air in the tires, and holy crap what a difference, its like riding a new bike altogether. thanks for everything!!!

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