Dual Sport kit for WR450

I am getting ready to dual sport my 03, WR450F. If you have any info on the best street legal kits available please list with prices...

www.trickdualsport.com. Dale makes the best (and I think most affordable) dual sport kit for our bikes. Read the review on the main TT page. :)

Check your local laws. It may be as simple to convert as adding a brake switch, hi/lo beam switch, horn, and mirror. Thats all that is required in Michigan. You may be able to be legal for as little as $70. Worth checking out b4 shelling out big bucks on a "kit"

I have looked into this in Alabama. I was told by the special titles person in Montgomery that first you need to buy a dual sport "kit" (didn't get any definition). Keep the receipt and have it notarized, write a statement that says the kit was installed and the bike is "road worthy" and have it notarized, take the bike to your county courthouse (title dept.). Bring the kit rcpt, statement you wrote, paperwork you got with bike (something of origin?). Local folks look at bike and give you tag on the spot. You will get some kind of special title through the mail. I have the persons name in Montgomery that I talked with PM me if you are interested. Local people here knew nothing. Good luck.


I was told by the special titles person in Montgomery that first you need to buy a dual sport "kit"

That is a bit vague. I'd dig a little deeper. Chances you dont need blinkers, battery backup, hi beam indicator.

In many states all you need is hi/lo beam headlight, tailight/brakelight, Horn, Mirror, dot tires.

Now dont get me wrong, I'm not trying to slam anyone's state here, But Alabama dont strike me as beeing on the cutting edge of issues like bike registration. If its anything like Michigan you can get away with the bare minimum.

Just my 2 cents

Does anyone know about Georgia? I am thinking of making mine street legal. Has anyone here from Georgia done it?

I bought a bajh designs kit cost around $300.00. Had to switch to a 80/100 bulb to keep it from blowing , but have about 2,500 miles and every thing works well.

Now about geting it street legal. Dont rush into it make plenty of phone calls to the main DOT head quarters. To find that one person to handle your paper-work. Just have patience it may take awhile but it it well worth it and you soon forget the pain you went threw. The local DOT here in Illinois didnt know squat. I sent forms that I didnt need that got sent back. Plus I did get bad info from the main DOT. Know one really knew. But found one person stuck with her and now I have a plate and a title change. Just took about 3 months but all but forgotten by :D now. :D:) good :D :thumbsup:luck. :D

I just finished DS'ing my 2002 wr426. I went with the baja designs "quickrelease" kit. First..the thing is very easy to install. No stupid drilling etc. 2nd, it looks trick and very very stock. I've seen some DS kits and they stick out like a sore thumb. My WR looks like it was made this way. Kit is about $500, but comes with everything you need. Like I said, if you want to do it right and look nice you cant go wrong with it. Only problem is it takes them about 3 weeks to ship them to you. They build each to order. Good luck.

I went with ESP's "minimalist" kit. Small switch, flush-mount indicators, clean application, etc.. I'm, guessing less than 2 pounds max.. They set it up will quick release connectors so all I have to do is replace fender and number plate for a 5 minute conversion to moto. Also, the headlight and the taillight are dual filament, so there is no need for new lighting, just switches.

Good Luck,


Oh yeah, somewhere around 225-250 bucks.

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