03-07 cr250

What is the truth, the real skinny, to get the 03 to run as well as the 07? Or is this all a bunch of hullabaloo? Have found a real low hr 03 and will use it for woods/HS. Thanks.

get it. there is not much difference between 03 and 07, just some minor porting differences which you can have done to it for cheap.

02-07 all very similar. Minor porting, gearing and other small changes like mounts, bolt patterns, and airbox, pipe, etc. Properly tuned 03 will make same hp and torque as a properly tuned 07. Just remember every bike is different...but all 2 strokes are alike............ they whoop on 4T's...:thumbsup:

the 04+ are better due to suspension and carb mods but they are very similar.

the 02/03 had problems with the airbox being sealed so make sure you get that sorted.

not sure if the 03 had this problem, but the 02 had a problem with the mounting bolt on the frame cracking where the subframe clevis bolt or whatever went through.

these are solid bikes and they hold up great as long as you take care of them.

I own both models & IMHO there isn't much differnce in the 2. In stock form the powerbands are opposites with the 03 model having a better mid to top vs. the 07 having better low to mid pull but signing off sooner up top. The 03 has cyl. & head mods & is now a rocket in comparison. It doesn't take much to wake these motors up. You can't go wrong with either model & with some fine tuning.

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