ktm sxf250 08 rear spring

iv got a ktmsxf250 08 model. i weigh 12 1/2 stone fully kitted. what spring should i be using on the rear shock. iv got a 63 and a 66. any help would be great.

my chart says 6.6 STD and you need a 6.8, what's your race and free sag ?

Uv got 33mm free sag that's what the manual says. But iv only got 80mm race sag. The manual says it should be 107mm. Also the spring on there at the moment is a 63 250 70 k tech spring. I think it's to hard for my weight. I might put the standard one on there and see what I get.

that doesnt sound at all right, that spring would have to be incedibliy stiff to only have 80mm of sag, can you recheck your measurements and also check your swingarm bearings for binding.

Iv just rang the bloke I bought the bike of and he said he updated the spring as he is 14 1/2 stone. I'm only 12 1/2 fully kitted so the spring would be to heavy for me. My measurment was right and my bearings are fine. No wonder it handles crap. Lol

yes so it cant be a 6.3? try to get std 6.6 as it should be close enough, or look to swap another heavier rider.

holy moly, can't you guys use 'regular' expressions like kg (even lbs would be fine)

We aren't any more in the mid age (ok, at least most of us aren't) where stones are used for weight and sheeps for currency :thumbsup:

Right iv put the standard spring on and iv set my race sag to 105mm but my static sag is 30mm. Also I just weighed myself with all my kit on and I'm 78kg. Lost some weight. The spring says 66 on it by the way.

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Sorry 78kg

with 78kg the standard spring (66) should be fine

As uwe says those numbers are not bad

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