03 cr250 noise... what is it?

ok i have been trying to figure out what this noise is coming from the engine, the bike starts 1-2 kick always and runs good but has a weird noise. i mosty notice it when im coming off the revs, the noice sounds like somone is tossing a bottle of beeds. like "psthhh. " sorry hard to explain... anyways, anyone have any ideas of what it could be?

does it sound like you taking your finger nail and running it across the front of a fan like the wire fornt cover of a fan?

Sounds like the RC Valve. You may need to adjust the cables. Do a search there is a lot of good info on here about how to adjust the cables for the RC Valve.

I know how to adjust the powervalve cables. Just not sure if this would be a ring problem or bearing problem. Would that be possible for what I'm describing?

could it be detonation!


would the powervalve really make it do a loud sound like that?

the 05 i had detonated alot, the magazines tried to play it off as power vale noise but when i rejetted it would stop. rejetting should not make a power valve stop making noise. the only thing is you said your makes noise when you let off, detonation happens under load when you give it gas so your's mabe something else.

Its your turbo blow off valve!

I had weird sound happening from the engine area, turned out to be my skid plate vibrating on the frame. It would only do it at a certain rpm.

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