TTR 125L wont start

I have an 07 ttr 125l that was running great, died and wont start again. Took carb apart and cleaned, still wont start ??? any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Are you getting spark? Try another plug. They do foul occasionally.

checked plug and getting good spark.....anyone know what valves should be adjusted to ? and which side is intake and exhaust ?

checked plug and getting good spark.....anyone know what valves should be adjusted to ? and which side is intake and exhaust ?

Intake 0.08 ~ 0.12 mm (0.0031 ~ 0.0047 in)

Exhaust 0.10 ~ 0.14 mm (0.0039 ~ 0.0055 in)

Intake is the side facing the carb or inside, Exhaust facing the front of bike/pipe.

You confirmed spark.. What about compression and Fuel?

While the valves need to be checked/adjusted occasionally, it seems UNlikely that they would cause the bike to stop running.

I would be more suspicious of the carb and fuel delivery after confirming compression.

gonna adjust valves tomorrow and tear carb back apart and see if it will start.

I would leave the valves alone for now. Don't create a new problem. It is almost always a fuel problem.

Disconnect the fuel line from the petcock. Does fuel come gushing out when you turn on the fuel supply? Now remove the carb and verify that the bowl was full of fuel. Take off the bowl and blow out the pilot and main. There aren't that many more common problem spots to make it not start.

verified valves, theyre correct, took carb apart and cleaned gain, blowed out pilot and main, have fuel coming from tank.....bowl has fuel.......still wont start ????

how did the bike die? riding all day and it died? started first thing and died? what happened? might help to diagnose...

Did you remove the jets from the carb to see if they are clear? Make sure you can see light through the tiny hole in the center of the pilot jet, not just the larger bubblers. How many "turns out" is the fuel screw? After trying to start for a while, remove the spark plug and see if it is wet with fuel. Is the enrichner (choke) pulling up the plunger?

Your first post stated you cleaned the carb, what did you find. The fuel valve on my 125 had missing fuel strainers. Somehow the screens dissolved allowing dirt into the carb. Does not take much to clog a pilot jet.

he was riding in the yard for 20 minutes or so and it just died and wouldnt restart....i removed the jets and made sure they were clear....when i first cleaned it i found the bowl a bit dirty and the pilot dirty.......screw is 1.5 turns out and the chokes working properly........any other thoughts ?? i appreciate all the help so far.

Might spray a little ether or carb cleaner into the airbox and see if it fires. If it does, you've got a fuel delivery issue.

might want to check the float valve, make sure it's moving freely.

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