2006 TE/TC/SMR 450 exhaust ideas?

After the engine swap of the blown 250 motor to a 450, I find myself wondering about exhausts. I see that the part numbers for the 250 and 450 are different for the silencer and mid pipe, but I don't know the exact differences. I'm assuming pipe diameter, since the splitter is also different.

I've tried looking all over the place, and I can't find a stock 450 mid pipe and silencer, and a full system is $900+ which is obviously out of my budget by $600+.

Any ideas what I can do here? I'm guessing that with the right jetting, I'm guessing the bike will run, but just be choked up. I haven't tried it yet to be honest. I'm just getting to where everything is swapped over. Just preparing for the next step.

just sent pm

any interest? i sent a PM and didn't hear back. they'll be going on ebay shortly, i'll sell them CHEAP

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