Add on muffler silencer for 4 stroke dirt bikes

I know since getting my dirt bike I've hunted high and low for a real quiet muffler solution and found nothing out there, for in town use or trails where I know people are touchy about the noise. I've seen other similar posts with similar results the only options are loud and louder. With noise being the new big reason it seems like most new trail closures are pushed, it just seems like there would be a market for some type of add on or aftermarket muffler that is actually QUIET, even if it cost some power output. I've always liked the add on idea because it's easy to remove for those areas where noise is not an issue. Though the muffler isn't that hard to swap either.

I know there is an add-on 2 stroke option out there for dirt bikes but the company says it won't work with 4 strokes, and has no plans to make one for 4 strokes. Aftermarket muffler companies seem to have no interest in producing a quiet replacement muffler.

I contacted some of the companies that make add on "stealth" mufflers for quads and one in particular showed interest and said they have been looking into doing something for 4 stroke dirt bikes. Tom Sullivan with Quad Fab Inc. ( sent me some pics of the units they use for quads and asked if I might have some ideas about mounting for dirt bikes.

I thought I'd bring it up here in case others have ideas on mounting options. Basically the canister itself they currently use is round about 12" long and probably 4-5" around with inlet/outlets on each end.

I was just thinking that the canister is small/short enough it could be mounted below and perhaps slightly outboard of the stock muffler, or perhaps mounted on the left size as a "second" muffler.

Anyway if people have ideas or interest let them know, perhaps we can get something going to get at least ONE option out there for a quiet muffler.

What you need is the Db Dawg. It is cheap at only around $40 it claims to be able to reduce up to 10 db. Also with this product you can buy a spark arrestor if that is needed where you ride.

The Db Dawg while cheap from all reports seems to be very hit and miss on if it actually makes much of a difference. I know a couple of the riders around here have bought them and said they could barely tell a difference.

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