Haven't ridden in about 2 years, what does my bike need?

I'm getting back into riding, and my 2006 CRF250 hasn't been touched in two years. There's about 80 hours on the motor and it still runs, just not like it used to. I never rode it too hard, and the only thing I've done to it maintenance-wise is adjust the valves a couple times. Should I do the top end, or should I just get a new piston? Maybe a new chain and sprockets, too... I've been off the bike so long that I don't know where to start.

just depends....i would change all the fluids. gas radiator fluid oil and clean the sir fiter...id check the tires to see if they were in good condition....i wouldnt change the sprockets unless they were worn out...and the chain i would just lube up real good....as for the top end has it ever been rebuilt ? if not then i would but a fresh pistion in it.

it's never been rebuilt. Maybe a piston and another valve adjustment? I just don't want to wait until it grenades to know that something's wrong with it, haha.

You can only adjust your valves so much! Eventually they are going to zero out then you will have to cut your valve seats and buy new intakes valves and springs. As for the piston I would replace it with a JE 13:5:1 and you cn run that on 91 octane. As for getting it running change all fluids, clean air filter, grease linkage, swingarm, and head bearings. I would probably do a carb clean unless you drained the carb before you put it away for 2 years

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