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I went from level 1 to max level 50, and every bike of each type completely maxed out with XP, in a few hours using this guide:

Select the short track "KINOKO" and set laps for 5 laps, and difficulty Rookie or Amateur (harder difficulty xp bonus is almost nonexistent so no point in having to race harder)

Continue to run Kinoko over and over, getting 1st, and making sure to hit "Restart" after every race so you don't waste time going back to the main menu. I average 11 to 13 seconds per lap, depending on how many other riders get in my way.

You will unlock the rider skill "XP bonus" around level 16 or so. Equip that skill as soon as you get it. Next, you will unlock rider skill "Holeshot boost". Also equip that skill as soon as you get it. This skill will boost you into the holeshot every time so you dont have to waste time bar banging your way to 1st on the short track.

Don't bother exiting out to the main menu to put on new parts until you unlock the exhaust upgrade for each bike. Then quickly exit out, equip all the new parts/modifications, and continue racing Kinoko.

____________________________end guide____________________________

I started playing the game yesterday and I almost nearly have a Platinum trophy on PS3. I cant get it yet though because PSN is still down for the online race portion, but after a only a few hours of playing I have nearly all the trophies already. I also started this to help out the people who just want to try all the bikes and skills out who don't have enough time to put into the game to unlock everything by doing the nationals tracks. ENJOY! :thumbsup:

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