2011 GasGas Six Days 300

What supension clicker settings (Marzocchi forks and Ohlins shock) are you guys finding works best for the stock suspension? I put about 20 miles on my new bike last weekend and it actually felt fairly good. A little stiff and may be undersprung for my 195 lbs. once broken in. I was very impressed with the overall package. Much better than my older Gassers.

Dave A

I have the 2010 GG 300 so I can't suggest settings for your 2011 but congrats on your new bike. :thumbsup:


You will want .44s/5.6, I do and I'm a 190 lb B. The rebound valving in the fork is light, at least it was the past few years. Compression also has a lot of free bleed. Still it works fairly well despite this, but could use a revalve. The lack of rebound can make it feel harsh like a compression problem as it snaps back from deep in the stroke. I'd try the rebound clickers in around 8 - 10 and see if you feel a difference, but its really in the HS stack. The guys that ride them in more average terrain or sand seem to like it stock.

I have an 11' 6 Day's 250. I'm a 210# A level H/S racer. I like the rear shock, stock spring an all,and don't think it needs a revalve. This is what I'm currently using for settings on the rear shock.

LS comp: 28 clicks out

HS comp: 2 turns out

rebound: 14 clicks out

105mm sag

The forks on the other hand, have something wrong with them as they come from the factory. I could not get the forks to stroke thru the last 2" of travel, no matter how soft I set them up or how hard I rode. I know of at least 3 other 11' bikes that are doing the same thing. The owners never even realized it until I pointed it out to them. I recently sent my forks down to W.E.R for a revalve and they now work fantastic all the way thru the stroke. I know they put stiffer springs in them, but I'm not sure which rate. The spring rate wasn't listed on my build sheet. I don't even know what the clicker settings are. I haven't looked yet. I raced the bike on Sunday and won my class, so they're not to far off.

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