Got a plate for the XR500R

The old 84 xr500r has been kicking around in the garage for a while. She doesn't get any love lately because the yz250 is so much better in the woods. Decided today that I would get a plate for the old girl to make her much more useful. No questions at the was much easier than I thought.

Now for the first question: Gearing?? Presently I have a 14-51 combo as I raced her in local hare scrambles and liked the extra thump down low. I assume that this combo won't work too well on the road. I do have a nice unused 46 tooth that I could put on the rear. Will this keep me up to speed on the road?? or should I go to a 15 on the front along with the 46 on the rear. I anticipate about 80% off road use but it will be mostly open stuff not single track. As far as the road I'm not looking to be blasting at 80mph, I anticipate just short local trips. I would think it will need to run 65 to 70 mph at most and then for short periods only.

I know I'll have many more questions later but I figured I'd start here. Thanks in advance for your replys.

15/46 would work well for on road. Easy to swap out to a 14 for tighter stuff.

Got the Tusk lighting kit installed and I am very happy with the results. The LED tail and blinkers are very bright. Settled on the 15-46 gearing and she cruises easily at 70 with a good bit in reserve. Lost the knobby on the rear and she runs pretty smooth with a Shinko. The only real problem I'm trying to solve now is the mirror situation. The one that comes with the Tusk kit pretty much is useless. I don't have any room on the bars to mount anything else so I was thinking about some sort of set up using the hand guards. I tried searching threads but most go back a couple of years.....What is the hot set up now utilizing the hand guards. I'll be spending a bit of time on the street and I want to know when the police are trying to pull me over.


The nicest I've seen, but $$

You can get mirror mounts that just replace the back 1/2 of the clutch perch mount and has the 10mm threads. $15 at XR's Only and many other places.

My 650L came with one of the clamp on round mirrors that mounts just above or below the bars and it worked surprisingly well, but I wanted true street use visability so mounted real mirrors. If hydraulic front disk (?) you could get a 650L master cyl assembly which has a builit in mount for the right side.

This is Kawasaki motard mirror. 6fiddy009.jpg

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