2001 CR250 wont fire....

I went and looked at a 2001 cr250 tonight. Bike seems nice, needs a new rear fender/side panels, but otherwise its pretty nice for a 2001. He said it always started on the first kick. Well he said he just started it two days ago after sitting all winter and it fired right up. Then he put in race gas (higher then 93, not sure like 104 or what). Well when I went to look at it tonight, he couldn't get it started. It was getting spark. We took the plug out and put in a new one just to make sure and that one was getting spark also. We still couldn't it started. He was saying it may be because of the higher fuel, but would that make it not run? I would think it would just be better for it?

Anything I should look for on a 2001? One of the radiators is a little bent and the pipe has a few dents. Hes asking $1500



I got a 2000 CR250 picked it up for $1300 2 years ago it needed a clutch and top end, also all new bearings in linkage, steering stem, and wheels. Be careful on it not running, my 2001 CR125 fired up on 91 octane 100 octane 112, as well as 137 without any problems.

Hows the compression? Around here (socal) you can get a gen 3 (02+) for that price. That is a good year but if you cant get it started the price should come down.

A sign of low compression.

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