Some wet spring riding in Kamloops!

A large snow pack this year means a late / wet spring, check it out! :thumbsup:

Looks like a blast ! Thanks for sharing ! :thumbsup:

Nice vid. Ill be out there next weekend from Calgary. Can't wait to see some of the trails out there.

Its been warm all week, hopefully most of the trails will be snow free by the long weekend:banana:

I love riding down there you guys have a cool trial system around inks and greenstone.

Looks like the water has come out alot since a few weeks ago? What type of camera is that though? It sure bounces alot?

That was actaully a really good vid. That looked like alot tougher place to ride than here in OK.

thanks! everything is melting fast and the creeks are getting deeper every ride. The camera is an old go pro, i think the mount on the helmet is loose causing the bouncing.

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