FMF Factory 4.1 quiet insert and S/A

So I just bought a Factory 4.1 slip-on from FMF and the spark arrestor insert. Is there really no way to use both the quiet insert and the spark arrestor at the same time?!

The quiet insert is just a ring, so the quiet core + spark arrestor is the ring + the screen. I didn't get this at first either, but once you get the stuff in hand you'll get it.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I meant to say quiet core.

So there are 3 pieces; the ring, the quiet core (a bent tube that a few inches long), and the spark arrestor. I took the ring out that was in there from the factory, put in the spark arrestor, and the is no room for the quiet core. Then I tried putting the quiet core in, and the spark arrestor wont fit. :thumbsup:

I just put a quiet core w/spark arrestor in my PC4 tonight. The spark arrestor was attached to the end of the bent tube on the quiet core insert.

Hmm, mine looks like it's supposed to be either/or. The quiet core came with the muffler (no screen), and I had to buy the spark arrestor separately. Hmmm.

How many of you have had the little allen bolt fall out? Looks like even with loctite it'll vibrate loose.

:i went to take the spark arrester out of my powercore 4 when i got it and it F'ing stripped!!! :thumbsup:

There are 2 Quiet inserts with and one without the sparky attached.

Ahhhh, that explains it. Thanks.

Has anyone had their Factory 4.1 sound tested? Is it really 96db with the quiet insert, like they claim?

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