110 race fuel

Local fuel station sells race fuel now. 110 octane off road only "race fuel"

It's leaded. No too expensive I buy 4 gallons of 93 octane premium at a time and this stuff would only run me about $5 more to get it.

It's called Pro-110

Formula Octane 110

Motor Octane 108

Research Octane 114

Specific Gravity .718



Color Purple & Blue

For use in compression ratios 15:1.

I am running a stock engine with thinner gaskets a jetted carb and a full fmf exhaust. Plan on running aftermarket reed valve and a wiseco pro lite piston soon as well as having my head worked on.

Any thoughts?


As I understand it, you don't need 110 fuel unless you are running much higher than stock compression ratios. If you decide to go with a high compression piston and modded head/squish, then you will probably need 110 (or a higher octane than pump). If you just do a basic top end and new exhaust, I don't expect you'll notice any difference with 110. I'm still running 93 with a Wiseco piston and PC exhaust. No issues. A few friends have had head work, and cylinder porting, and they are running 50/50 110/93.

Maybe mix something like 3:1 premium to race just to add lubrication and a little octane bump. Since I live in CA, I pretty much have to mix race gas because our gas out here stinks. Its progressively gotten worse over the years.

Are they selling it in 5 gal. cans or out a large metal tank with a pump? I use to get race fuel from a station the had a above ground metal tank with a pump and every now and then my bike (2 stroke) would start breaking up on top end. After openning the carb to check for plugage it would be clean, the plug would look brown but then it would run good for a couple of rides and then the same thing. Never found out what was going but after i got a 2010 crf250 i started plugging fuel filters. it would look brown, when i put the fuel filter on a white paper towel it would turn the paper towel brown. It turned out to be very fine rust out of the race fuel tank so fine you could not see it in the fuel but that small fuel filter on the fuel pump would catch it and plug the filter in about 8 to 10 gal of fuel. Stopped using the race fuel and have not plugged yet and it's been almost a year. Be careful with metal containers.

I know people say you don't need race fuel on a stock engine but it sure makes a cr250 jet easier.

race fuel makes you very FAT/RICH so jet accordingly....

race fuel makes you very FAT/RICH so jet accordingly....

Oxygenated race fuels run lean. Non-oxygenated race fuels run rich.

I've found that 100LL avgas has plenty of octane to handle even modified 2-strokes and it's less than 1/2 the cost of the cheapest race fuel. 100LL jets close to premium pump gas.

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