89xr600r help

Hey all. I just bought an 89 xr600r and it's in great shape. It's been sitting for a little while (1.5 years) or so. It fires up and idles great but when I hit the secondary jet it bogs and pops. I think it's running too lean, because when I run it full choke in the secondary it runs okay. The full choke will then kill it when i'm out of the secondary down at idle, etc. I've cleaned the carb/jets, but they were already squeaky clean because it sat with no fuel in the carbs. Could it be an issue with the air bypass valve? Any other ideas? It's the single carb and I think I have the air (or is it fuel) adjustment right. 2and5/8 turns?


Take another look at the pilot jet, you should be able to see through the orifice. Run a fine wire through it to make sure it is absolutely clean. A wire pulled from a wire brush works good.

i know this isn't for your carb, but the same instructions apply. http://www.mikuni.com/pdf/hs40_manual.pdf what are your jetting specs, i'm sure the CALI guys know, but no help to anybody else. temp, altitude, what jets are installed?

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