KLR250 Overheating

I recently purchased a 2000 KLR250. I have completely tuned up the bike including replacing the coolant and it runs great. After about 20-30 minutes of riding the temp guage gets up to the red. It has never "bolied over", but I know it has come close.

The fan never kicks on. The fan turns on and runs strong when I ground out the wire, so it isn't the fuse or fan. I assumed it would be the fan/thermo switch and I replaced that, but the fan still won't come on when it gets hot.

What is the next thing I need to look at?

Thanks in advance for any input!

Is the thermo switch you replaced brand new? On the klx 250 the fan starts at around 210 degrees off at 195 give or take a few degrees. not sure on the Klr. Let the bike get up to the red and ground out the switch as before to start the fan. notice if the gauge needle comes down. To confirm the gauge is functioning properly. Maybe the gauge sensor is bad. Use a good thermometer at the fan sensor location to verify the temp. Go Green :thumbsup:

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