complete top end

hey guys, i am doing a complete top end on my 2009 kxf 250. I am ordering all my parts off Bto sports and am stuck as to what to get in terms of valves. I have found a wiseco piston kit but there are to many different brands etc of valves. I want a set that will fully replace my valves etc, could anyone help me?

cheers guys

Hey guys, also wondering if i should get the standard compression or 14:1 i dont really no what this means? also will a 78mm gasket kit work?

cheers guys

sorry cant help you. but i wouldve thought this would be answered within an hour or two.

With the valves, you have a couple options. Replace with stock replacement which I believe are titanium-coated valves and springs, or you can go with all stainless steel valves and springs. If it were me, I would go with the all SS valve and spring combo. Some say there will be slower revs associated with the SS valves and springs, I do not know because I have never tried them out.

As for pistons, most are going to be OEM quality. I hear the words: Pro-X, Wiseco, and Vertex alot around here, chances are they are going to be pretty similar. The 14:1 compression piston may force you to run race gas, not sure. Is there a reason you desire the higher compression? Stock is 13.5:1 for the '09, I believe.

I do not know what about the 78mm gasket question, perhaps someone more enlightened on the matter, like D-K or Primal, can help out there. Usually they have opinions as to what valves and pistons are decent, too. I am sure they will emerge in this thread, eventually. You could also try searching for this topic within ThumperTalk, as this specific question is frequently asked.

Good luck.

Thanks heaps mate, i Was going for the 14 compression as i have heard it gives you more power???, and i already run 98 octane so thats no problem. Yea i don't no what the 78mm and 79mm gasket differences are either? Do you no if this valve kit will fully do my valves

or is there any seals or something i would still have to buy. My dad is currently oversees working so i need to get the parts so its ready for him to rebuild when i get home so i am just trying to work out what i need to get. I really appreciate the help guys!

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