Suggestions on new clutch lever

Have a 2005 yz250f. Looking to buy an adjustable clutch lever so I can bring the lever closer to the grip. I don`t have very big hands and find it tough to keep 2 fingers on the clutch (just trying to train myself to ride with fingers on the clutch) Wondering if I should buy just a lever and use the OEM perch or spend the money on the whole setup? Does the whole perch/lever combo change the feel of the clutch pull and is it worth it? Looking at Sunline or ASV. Let me know what you think.

My son and I have ARC Flex Levers on both our yz's and I would highly recommend them. Not the complete setup just the levers. They are really nice levers and adjustable. I had a ASV full perch clutch setup on another yz and liked them also. They also didn't feel any better with the full setup. I opted to pick up just the levers and save a few bucks when we replaced the bikes. I like the Sunlines but did not think they were worth $10 more than the ARC's.

Can't go wrong with any of them IMO..

Good Luck

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