04 450SX graphics

Hey I just have a quick question what years graphics kits fit the 04 is it 03-06 cause I found one for a 05 that has everything Including both fenders air box swingarm fork guards seat cover and number backrounds but I just wanted to make sure it all will work

I think it would but not 100% think the sx was 03-05 but cant remeber when they added the "F" to SX.

They still made the 450sx in 06, the 07 was the first yr for the new motor and chassis and the "F" after the sx. They will fit as long as they are for an sx also. i would buy those too if you can get an extra set, looking for my 450 too.

I just found a set on eBay for 99 bucks from flu it's a full set it says 05-07 which knew 07 they switched but the pic looks like my 04 so maybe I just need to email him and clear it up

Ryan have you tried looking at the Munns website? I just ordered some for mine from there, they are good products and good people and good prices.


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