1979 Honda XL500s has no spark

i just picked up a 1979 honda xl 500s. it had no spark when i got it. after putting in a new plug and ignition coil, it still has no spark. i need help on what to try next. thanks

clymer book says it could be several things, most commonly listed in the troubleshoot section is the (plug/coil) CDI pulse generator, broken or shorted high tension lead to the plug, loose coil ground wire, and the most obvious and annoying loose wires...(why they put that i have no idea) have u still got the ignition barrel on the bike? mine had it but i lost the key not long after so hot wired it, if someones done that and done it wrong it'l never start, id say its the CDI unit or there might be one of those hidden fcked wire's like on mine hehe

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