Trail Tech Striker - sweet unit!

Just installed on my new 250 xc. I put this off because i was too lazy to do the work to install it but it is so easy it took only about an hour and there were no surprises or quirks, even cutting the radiator crossover was quick and easy.

big display that is easy to read in a normal sitting position.

outside and engine temp + volts is really slick

Computer sits below number plate and is well protected

warning lights for volts and engine temp.

Trail Tech even programmed in my current mileage and hours so it will be accurate.

the '09 xc has no odometer from the factory so this is really nice. :thumbsup::confused:


Nice unit Rollie. TT makes some good stuff. i really like the gps / odo they make too.


yeah, that voyager gps is amazing but i am not really a gps guy. I must take tomorrow off work and put this new gadget through it's paces:smirk:

Awesome, i just installed the Vapor on my bike, and love it.

What made you choose the Striker or the Vapor btw?

I like the display better and don't really care for the tach.

Looking good, now you know just how fast you are going for those long arse 5mph pit zones. For racing the GPS does not add a whole lot of added benefit IMO other than being able to see the route, archive, and compare. However, for trail riding it is the shizzle. I assume the Striker gives you average MPH, top speed, stuff like that?


yes it has all the enduro functions that you would need, is always back lit too and very bright.

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