RC valve cable adjustment question

I cleaned, lubed and adjusted my RC valve cables. I got the 12mm clearance on the right cable (the only one with 2 lock nuts). my question is on the left cable. if you tighten it much the nut just moves away from the seat it sits in the head and the spring abvove provides the tension on the cable. Is the spring tension the amount of tension you want on the cables? When i adjusted mine i think i actualy have a little bit of free play. Today at the track it seemed like it would get a little jumpy at patial throttle mid rpm. i think i will tension my cables some more.

The honda manual shows the right cable bottomed in the head and taking up all the slack with the left cable adjustment. Kinda strange.

Thanks for any input

i have had a 02 and a 05 and did some testing with different cable adjustments and here what i found. if you over tighten the cables it binds up and the power valve opens slowly givng it a smooth hit in the middle but it will make the cable streght over time. the best way i found was to loosen the left (front of bike, the one that closes the valve), connect the cables and the right is all the way down, i think like you said the book said that. don't try to take slack out with the right cable it's just sitts all the way down.. then turn the bottom nut on the left cable (the front cable) until there is just enough slack to push the cable with your finger towards the front of the bike about 1/8 inch then tight the lock nut.(the 1/8in. is hard to explane because the cable is tight, you have to push alittle, it's not loose) the 05 manual seem to exsplane it better than the 02 or maybe i just understood it better the second go around. the 02 cable stretched over time but the 05 never streched any and after adjusting them i never had to re adjust them until i did a top end. either they changed something between 2002 and 2005 or when you do it right you don't have to worry about them getting loose until it's time for a topend rebuild.

If i remember right the motor is mounted with rubber mounts and if you over tighten the cable it can wallow the mounts out if it's binding. this might be why the magazines was always tighting the cables, i only had to after a topend on my 05. if you have too much slack the servo motor will go to a certain spot when you crank the bike and kinda equal the slack to both side. Better too loose than too tight. I loosened my cables and put alot of slack or play in them and crancked the bike with the cover off and watched them to see how it worked, too me loose cables had more of a hit than tight cables.

Take the cover off make sure the right side cable is set like the book said and put enough slack in the left side to be able to move it about 1/4 inch, take it around the yard, then adjust the slack out and see how much differance it makes. With the motor off you should be able to turn it open and closed with you hand if you get the cables too tight it will not turn smoothly. it takes alittle power even to turn it when it's adjusted right but it will be smooth.

Sorry for all the bla bla bla.

So the 12 mm clearance on the right cable is bull? just adjust it like it shows in the manual with the right cable all the way bottomed? Thats the way it was when i got the bike, i will give it a try. Thanks for taking the time to explain it.

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