Overfilled oil?

Just changed oil without replacing filter. Put in just over a quart per manual (1.07qt)...but I still overfilled it. Meaning I see only oil in little window, no gap. Manual says to remove excess oil with a syringe? Don't see how this is possible.

Running oil too full will cause any problems? Suggestions to let out a little bit of oil?

Did you start the bike and let in warm up for a minute? The rear oil plug area will hold a small amount of oil that won't reflect on the window measuring system [providing you emptied both plugs]. If you drained both plugs and put in the correct amount of oil; no worries. Mine is the same way so don't worry about it.

yup drained both plugs, rocked bike a bit to get out as much as possible, refilled it then ran it.

I have over filled mine before and rode it several times. I ended up with a dirty carb and a airbox full of oil. Ended up having to take bike apart and clean like a house maid. I just unscrew the back bolt and let some oil out whenever this happens now. Easier to add a little more oil than clean up the mess if you over fill it.

Time to get dirty, I'm going to let a bit out

put a hose in there and suck the air out and put the hose down until its below the engine the oil will all come out

I like the sight glass - can see oil in a second - good to go

the worst was my '90 xr 250r -dipstick on motor - always has dirt around it

the bigger xr's -also a pain - dry sump - must be warmed up fully! - idle for 30 sec

or you get a low reading -add oil - then find it's to full later -PAIN

look on ktm's site -their dual oil system (eng & trans separate) is a real PAIN

actually I think honda uses the dual system?


kawi did like suzi which yami got right

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