Installing Lexx MXe Slip-On exhaust on 2004 wr250f

I am looking to buy a Lexx MXe Slip-On Silencer With Mid-Pipe for my 2004 WR250F

I have searched the net at length to find information on how to install and if any extra parts are required. I have had no luck

Is it as simple as taking off the stock exhaust and putting on the new one?

When i take off the stock exhaust, it seems the Lexx exhaust comes with a shorter pipe which will not reach the stock header pipe. Am i right?

I hope someone who has installed or knows can let me know whether more parts are required for this kit and suggest a breif install guide if possible. Thanks

Some pipes come with a mid pipe and some come with just the muffler. Don't know how Lexx does it. If it is the muffler and mid pipe your good to go but if it is just a muffler then you'll need to buy their mid pipe

Hi, i recently bought the Lexxmxe slip on and its great!

Everything you need is in the box, had mine sent to Australia for $224, most pipes here are at least $500 so i was wrapped with that.

It sounds awesome to, which was a concern for me, and once leaned out slightly, it goes hard!



The pipe just slots in and is held in place with 2 springs as you can see here:


It also comes with a alloy sleeve that you will need as it has a slightly larger diameter then the header pipe. Pic shows it inserted here:




Happy to help you out, been waiting for someone to want help with this pipe so i could share my pictures and experiance with them.

Let me know if you need anymore help.

Thanks EMMS,

I am in Aust as well. where did you purchase yours from?

So you needed to lean your bike out. Nothing major, thats easy to do yeah? Just turn the dial on the carb?

Got mine off ebay, user name is greco_performance_211

Here is the link to the page, with the strong aussie dollar they are only $168!!! Plus $50 for shipping, wont find cheaper then that...

Mine was here is 4 days, left him top feedback.

Just send him a private msg "ask seller a question" and ask if he has them in stock just to be sure.

To lean it out i turned the fuel screw in 3/4 of a turn. (that is clock wise to lean-out) Also dropped the size of the main jet down from 168 down to a 162, cost $8 from ballards in Penrith-Sydney.

But this is for riding up high in the blue mountains west of Sydney, where are you?

Altitude must be taken into consideration when jetting.

Let me know if you need any more help.


i am in melbourne, dont really travel more than 2 hours away from the city....

how will i know if i have to change the jet and where is it located?

I have the same pipe on my yzf. Installation is fairly simple, I just had some issues wiggling the pipe so that it would connect with the header. You'll also need some high temp RTV silicon I believe. It's just paste that goes in each of the pipes joints to make sure it's sealed properly.

Awesome pipe, sounds good, looks good and is of high quality at a very affordable price.

i am in melbourne, dont really travel more than 2 hours away from the city....

how will i know if i have to change the jet and where is it located?

If you undo your drain plug at the bottom of the carbie and look up into it with a small mirror you will see the pilot jet and main jet.

There is also a mixture screw near the drain plug aswell, but it may be blocked off from factory, which would need to be drilled out.

If your not too sure with it, take it to a bike shop.

But you may not even have to touch the jetting anyway, it could be fine or already jetted right.

WR's are rich from the factory.

Be sure to use anti-seize on those slip joints, regularly take them apart, clean and re-apply the anti-seize or else one day, you'll want to take them apart and they will be permanently affixed. I do my race bike every few months.

HELLO, Down under :)

I am looking to purchase this slip on for my bike,

Do you guys like it and is it holding up well ?

this is the only thing i found with the search button on this pipe !

i have a 05 wr250 that i am going to put it on.

did you notice any bottom end gains ?



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