97 rm 250 wheel and tire size recomendations please

Hey guys,

I'm getting back on the bike after 15 years and need to pick up some new rims and tires for my 97 rm250. It seems like i have a few options and am not sure how that will effect me one way or another.

It appears a 19x1.85 rear is easier to get ahold of, is that ok or should I go with a 2.15? Old stock rim on it now, i think its a 19x2.15 with a 110/90 tire.

My front rim is currently a 20, not sure on the width, tire size is 90/100. My cr250 has a 21 up front, should i consider a 21 on the rm250?

This will be for the occasional track day and general trail riding, any info is appreciated.



Most trail riders, including myself, prefer an 18 inch rear wheel. (2.15 width) I think the tires cost a little less than 19 inch and you can run the sidewall taller to help prevent flats. 21 inch on front would give a lot more options also.

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