Wiring help with klx140??

I am trying to install a headlight on my wife's klx140. I already got the wiring on the bike figured out, and the wiring on the switch also. BUT... I bought a chinese headlight that did not come with instructions! I am having a hard time figuring out which wire is positive, which one is ground, and which one is for the high/low beam. Here are some pics:



As you can see, the headlight comes with a separate bulb for the high beam and I'm pretty confused. Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks in advance!

Edit: I forgot to mention that although in the first pic there are two green wires, at the end of the cable (where you join the wires with the ones on the bike) there is only one. So there are only 4 wires. White, blue, green, and brown. Thanks!

Can you pull the boots back to see where the wires go? I think positive usually goes to the "button" on the end of the bulb while negative (ground) goes to the outside cylinder/socket that the bulb slips into.

Maybe the greens are ground? Why three wires to the high beam? Interesting...

The smaller bulb is position . The large is HI/LO beam .

It appears the green is ground ( check if the greens coming out of each bulb unite ) .

Brown is position .

Blue and white are high and low beam . You´l figure out which is which .

I agree with Marcelino on the wiring since each lamp has a green for ground. Is it possible the smaller lamp is a day time running light to conserve power? The other larger lamp will be used at night. I think the brown wire would be connected to the positve wire feeding the light switch so it is on anytime the engine is running. Just a guess.

any more pics of this light, what you paid for it, thoughts on it etc etc

any more pics of this light, what you paid for it, thoughts on it etc etc

Yes, I bought it on ebay. Total with shipping was around $50. It's a pretty good headlight, it lights up the trails ok and now my wife is much more visible out in the desert. The only issue is that dust seems to somehow be getting inside the lamp. I'm going to have to take it off later and check it out. Well, here's the bike, the side number plates have been painted black.



Now my wife says she wants black rims.:smirk:

Just wanted to say that the plastics are holding up fine after being painted!

Has anyone else put a headlight on a 140?

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