Headlight wiring, help!!???

I posted this on the kawi klx forum, but since that forum is kind of small, I figured I would post it here too.

I am trying to install a headlight on my wife's klx140. I already got the wiring on the bike figured out, and the wiring on the switch also. BUT... I bought a chinese headlight that did not come with instructions! I am having a hard time figuring out which wire is positive, which one is ground, and which one is for the high/low beam. Here are some pics:



As you can see, the headlight comes with a separate bulb for the high beam and I'm pretty confused. Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks in advance!

Edit: I forgot to mention that although in the first pic there are two green wires, at the end of the cable (where you join the wires with the ones on the bike) there is only one. So there are only 4 wires. White, blue, green, and brown. Thanks!

The smaller bulb in the corner is a Euro running light, brown=ground and green=hot. Pull the cover of the center socket and just see where the wires go. Since there are three leads you can conclude one is high beam, one is low beam, and one is the ground. The headlights I have worked with green is usually the low beam and hot for the the running light. I hope this helps.

I'm guessing green = ground (technically "common"), since that's a more generally accepted color and that same color goes to both bulbs.

The brown wire on the little bulb is likely always-on.

Which leaves two other wires, blue and white. Try 'em and see what's what.

I'm gonna mess around some more with the wires today and see what happens. Anyone else worked with headlights before that wants to give their opinion? I would really appreciate it.

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