Radiator Guards/Bracers

Anyone have a preference/input for radiator Guards for a 2011 Yz450f. I mostly ride trails and want something that is not cheesy and cause more damage then good for them times people wreck on their bikes. Thanks

i was looking for a good strong set for my bike and ended up going with the Moose Racing ones. well built and priced right around $95

i put the flatland brand on my yz,85$ and look and feel stout,i trust theyll do the job.

Both options mentioned are what a few in my camping group run. I'm still riding around with the thought dumb luck will save my radiators in a crash. :thumbsup:

Have a set of Unabikers on mine and have sure saved my radiators on occassion

Devol seem to work well in my experience and don't add much weight.

I can vouch for the Moose racing rad braces.......slammed into a tree and twisted the rad back far enough that I couldn't put my knee against the shrouds. After kicking it back into place the rad wasn't hardly touched, those braces completely took the brunt of the force and osolated the rad from getting damaged. A little straightening in the vice and I am still using the same brace. :thumbsup:

I had the Moose cage-type on a 300 KTM, and they worked really well. I'd assume they're equally good for a YZ application..... :thumbsup:

I now have the Works Connection radiator guards on my bike now. They're only marginally better than not having any guards at all.....

A buddy of mine has the Devol, & I really like those. I wouldn't mind having a set of those on my bike. But I'd also like to try a set of Scorpion radiator guards. Those look really good, as do the Flatland Racing radiator guards.....


Thanks everyone for the useful information

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