anyone have the add-a-bike carrier from harbor freight?

I would love to buy the real one, but don't have $450 to drop. The one from harbor freight is only $140. Anyone own it? Does it totally suck?

Can u give us a link?

While not the nicest on earth, I have the Rage Carrier. Only $140 and have used it for 3 years with no issues.

Actually, I was wrong. I have this one. Even cheaper!

Well, if no one posts a reply, you can always return it if it sucks. I've gotten some great stuff from HF, and some really bad stuff, and I've never had any problem returning the bad stuff.

It has crappy reviews, I'd stay away IMO. I agree with rpt50.. I saw a steel one built of angle etc on CL awhile back for $50 with a ramp, why I didn't buy it.. the world may never know SMH

I had the HF one for awhile worked good with dirt bikes but nothing much bigger.

wow, how many straps do you have to put on that thing to keep the bike on ?

The straps are an integral part of the structure of the carrier I guess. I can't believe they put a KLR650 on that thing. I wouldn't trust it with an KDX50. Looks like it's bowing in the picture.

Actually, I was wrong. I have this one. Even cheaper!

The beat up bike is a nice touch.:ride:

Actually, I was wrong. I have this one. Even cheaper!

I have the same Rage Motosports Hauler. I have abused the hell out of it for two seasons now and she's still solid. I initially bought a HF one and it was so flimsy it looked like it would break after hitting a bump.

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