TTR Raid Parts catalogue

Hi, I'm new to the here and I know it's a US forum but I'm desperate for a parts catalogue for my bike and you never know until you ask.

I've just bought a '94 TT250R Raid chassis number starting 4GY. It's in pretty poor condition and is being stripped but I need a parts catalogue to make buying parts from Yam over here much easier. It's an unofficial import and although dealers are feeling the economic pinch they never seem bothered to go out of their way to help with a rare bike.

They are however they're much more accomodating if you just give them a part number to order.

Does anyone know where I can source a parts catalogue, either paper of electronic for this bike?

Any help appreciated.

Cheers Spud.

Have you tried You should be able to find the part numbers you need there.

Hi, not tried there but looking at it they don't do the 4GY TTR specifically. Still looking. :thumbsup:

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