IMS 4-gal tank - spacers between radiators?

I bought a 2nd-hand IMS 4-gallon tank, but it didn't come with any bolts or other parts. I can see that longer bolts are required where the tank wings should attach to the bottom of the radiator, but on each side there is about a 3/4inch gap between the inside of the wing and the radiator - I would guess there are spacers that should go in there, unless the tank shape has deformed.

Is that right? And if so, what are they made from, steel, alloy or poly? If anyone has a copy of the original installation instructions they could share, I'd be grateful.

Thanks in advance for any help


Edited by Holmesie

Yes , Plastic spacer about 1/2 inch wide x 3/4 long with 6mm hole inside

Thanks for the clarification patdesnoyers :thumbsup:

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