Clutch adjustment

Hi I have just bought a 2004 WR450 and I'm working through a few settings which I hope you guys might be able to help with.

The clutch leaver has no free play in it but still need to be pulled all the way in to release the drive it's not bad but I'm a bit worried about running with out free play.

Thanks for any help with this one .


Yeah, it is important to have 'free play' at the lever. If you are still not able to disengage drive, you may have other things going on. Pull off the cover and check that all the drive & friction plates are free when the lever is pulled after setting up the correct amount of free play. You may find that the basket is notched, not allowing them to separate, thus giving drive.

I have read about the washer trick on the clutch has any one tried it ?


I think dg is right, your clutch basket is probably grooved. When you slowly release the clutch lever, does the bike smoothly creep forward? Or does it sort of "lurch"? Maniac

Hi Maniac the clutch feels smooth with no lurch. Its just when you pull the lever up to the bars the bike still feels like it's pulling a bit ( if you have about 5mm free play on the lever ).


Hmmmm....interesting. Do you have a stock clutch lever on it? Does it have an auto-clutch installed? My Rekluse does this a slight bit, but that's how I like mine set. Some aftermarket levers are fairly crappy in regards to working properly. Give us some more information and we'll try and get this working better for you. Maniac

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you all.

I have adjust the feel up a bit and it feels a little bit better the lever is stock Yam I have a Rekluse Z-Start Clutch but have it up for sale on ebay it as I don't think I will ever get around to fitting it . I might pull the clutch down to check every thing out later ,but at the moment I'm just enjoying the WR for what it is the best off road bike I have owned so far.

DT125, 2xDR125, DRz400, XR250, TE610e,KDX220, WR426 KTM450exc oh yes I ike the WR450 I might keep this one for a bit.


You have a Rekluse and you have not tried it......BIG mistake.

You have a Rekluse and you have not tried it......BIG mistake.

HUGE mistake...

the wr450 with a rekluse is a whole different bike.

Hi that's made m think it's a Z start version 2 . has anyone got a view on these ?


Well, i've been riding bikes for over 30 years. It is easily one of the best modifications you will ever do.

I'm not sure what you have got there. Post up a pic....that'll help.

I run a Z start Pro in mine, and in some of the terrain we ride, I don't think I could barely keep the bike upright without it! When there setup properly, they are one of the best investments you can make if your not a Pro!!! Maniac

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