Newbie here--contemplating a 250x

Should I be afraid to buy one of these bikes? I have always been a Honda man but reading on this forum scares me a bit. I have a chance to buy a clean 2005 250X that still has 50% original rear tire use left( I'm guessing under 30 hrs. on bike ) for 1700.00 . I believe this is a good deal but if I have to be replacing valves/crank/etc. all the time than I'm thinking maybe this bike is not a good choice.This bike will be trail ridin only and not abused or over revved.



I think that's a good deal, I havn't had any problems with mine yet, but as you see some have issues with the top ends wearing out. I ride trails and usually a slow rider.

You don't need to do it all the time its just part of a modern 4 stroke I have an 05 crf250x and all it has is s crf250r cam/exhaust and kibble white valves and mines has a lot of hours

Sounds like a great price to me even if you had to do some work to it. I was like many folks here, basically not having any trouble with my 04. I read and read and read on here wondering if I would see the same problems. And lo and behold.... suddenly it was getting hard to start when cold and was blowing blue until warm...valve seals and gaps closing. Topend rebuild at he shop is $1000 or less. Mine is going to cost around $850 I believe. If the bike hasnt had a rebuild, I'd work the price assuming you need one. But I think at $1700, you are already there, unless this thing is a beater.

i ve got over 2000 miles on my bike with all the original top end parts,if you clean your air filter after every ride and change your oil every 15 hours and stay off the rev limiter your top end should last awhile,that being said i think for 1700 your getting a great deal,like the other guys have posted at that price put some money away for a top end,do some searches and see what your options are,but buy the bike its the best trail bike ive ever owned, i love my X and wouldnt trade it for anything,well accept maybe a ktm300exc lol


$1700 for a 30 hour bike is a great deal (if it really has 30 hrs on it). The only part of the CRF's that wear faster than ANY OTHER racing four stroke are the valves. Cranks and pistons are consumable items on any bike. Valve replacements on the CRFs are maybe a little more frequent than on other bikes, but stay off the rev limiter and clean the air filter, they will last a long time. Once they do go out, replace with SS valves and they will last hundreds of hours as long as you take care of them.

I love my X.

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