CR 125 Poor Acceleration

My 01 CR 125 is not accelerating like it should. It doesn't sound like its bogging down, and it doesn't pick up like it should on the low end. It seems fine when it reaches the power band (wich feels like it takes forever to reach). The carb is spotless and at factory settings, and my fuel ratio is correct.

-tried new spark plug

-cleaned exhaust manifold

-steady stream of fuel and new fuel cap tube

-idles fine

Any suggestions before I tear the engine apart?

(Should I take the exhaust valve cover off?)

If you have never cleaned out your power valves, then you definitely need to do that and rid it of it's carbon residue. One or both may be stuck. However, this usually effects the top end.

You may need some pilot jet adjusting.

Sounds like you need to work on your jetting. May need to adjust your pilot and/or needle.

Sorry for the delayed reply, the power (exhuast) valve assembly was really caked with carbon build up. Cleaned it up, installed fresh piston ring, seals, air filter, etc. Gave the bike a little more power.

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