Help with Asterisk knee braces

I went for my first ride with the new braces yesterday. It was a really rough time. The knee braces are restricting my knees A LOT when i bend them past 90 degrees. I was missing shifts, couldn't hit the rear brake and had trouble staying up on the front of the bike.

I tried to pull them up higher on my leg which helped out a lot. I also noticed that i have to have the upper most strap as loose as it will go to fit around my thigh area. (The braces are medium). The lower two are tighter to keep the brace from falling down. It just doesn't seem right. I've never worn braces, so i have nothing to base them against.

I'm thinking that i have to pull the braces up even higher to get rid of the restriction. (when my leg is bent, the upper portion of the brace pulls off of my thigh). The problem is that i'm not sure it's going to fit around my thigh.

Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what did you do to correct it?


Sounds like you need a Large. You shouldn't have that much trouble, especially with Asterisk.

Weird. I used their sizing chart, my knee circumference is 14.5". That measurement fell right into the medium range. I guess i have Charmichael thighs!!!! lol.

I'll call and see what they suggest.

sounds like a sizing issue as previously stated. i bought mine right off asterisk at a national race so they measured me. i have had no issues and feel naked without them.

+1 on sizing issue. I have XL and they fit awesome. I'm so use to them I can't tell I'm wearing them anymore. No more sore knees the day after riding.

wan o sell me hose mediums? 'I have he same problem with mine (size small)

I checked Asterisk's site and fell dead center on for Mediums

Bought Mediums--def. too small!

Their size chart is way off!


the first time I used them i had a little trouble getting them in the right spot. if they are too low it defiantely restricts your leg movements. you want the knee cap cover (idk what to call it) on top of your knee. before i ride i usually bend my leg to see if it is in the correct spot and tighten/loosen for comfort.

wan o sell me hose mediums? 'I have he same problem with mine (size small)

I'm gonna try to send these back first. If I can't then I'll probably cry for a little while and try to sell them.

What is a fair price for a set of asterisk knee braces worn for about 2 hours?

I would be verry mad if i wasnt able to send them back. tell them their sizing chart is way off. you had your led sized and you matched it with their chart and the knee braces dont fit. unacceptable in my eyes.

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