Dunlop 756 fitment

Tried spooning on a Dunlop 756 last night and it was the most difficult tire I've ever had to install. I would have sworn it was an 18" tire on a 19" rim. No, it wasn't, I checked. Anyway, is this typical for the 756? Thanks!

Nope, not at all. I suspect it was just you, everyone has one of those days. I have been changing my own tires for 3 bikes (two Sons) for many years and I still occasionally have a day like that. I have been running Dunlops since 2006.

I always lay the new tire in the sun prior to beginning a tire change and that helps a lot.

Yes! Dunlops have gotten much harder to install. They didn't use to be that bad but the past couple of revisions have really become a pain in the pitutie. :thumbsup:


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