which riding boots do you wear?

I am looking at buying a new pairs of boots very soon and I am wondering what you guys wear (my "ole" Thor LE2's are about dead and my feet are paying for it)? I am looking at the Alpinestar Tech 8's and also the new Sidi boots look impressive! Which ones do you recommend and what is the best value? Thanks,



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Hey Garrett,

I highly recommend the AlpineTech 8's. My 426 being my first bike, I wanted good boots to wear. I chose the tech's because of their construction and the write ups.

When I got them I was very impressed. I bought the standard pair in blue, and the vented in white. When I first tried them on they were stiff as can be. After the first ride, they were so soft and comfortable, yet supported my ankles perfectly.

In fact, they are so comfortable, I could almost wear 'em around. Don't laugh, or think that's stupid. A good boot is hard to find. You don't fit the foot to the boot, you fit the boot to the foot, and Alpine is a pure winner!

I do enjoy the vented whites more than the blues.

The boots wear excellent. I deal with a lot of mud! I've had mine buried under mud several times! They clean up very nicely, and dry fast. Water does not enter them easily! That's a positive since wet feet are not fun at all! Traction in the mud is decent too! Only when Im trying to climb out of really deep ruts do I slip!

I'm sure that you will receive many replies to this topic. I respect others, and I hope you will too! I have rookie feet! Listen to the experienced, and what they have to say!

Take all into account, and you'll be sure footed!

Take Care!

God's speed!


YZ426 Kicks :)

I have to agree with Randy, the Tech 8's are the way to go. I race harescrambles and am always hiting stuff with my feet, the Tech 8's have never let me down.

Norman K.

Beaumont TX


I honestly believe you should rephrase your question. Try asking does anyone hate Tech-8's or had a bad experience with Sidi boots. The question you asked will get a100 i love my boot responses. Here is one.

I personally love my tech-8's, and have friends who love the Sidi's. They are both the highest quality boots on the market. Sidi's seem to break in faster, and have a shorter toe making shifting easier. I'd say the only big reasons to choose one over the other would be larger and adjustable calf size in the Sidi, and price. Whichever you buy you will love them.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

For what it is worth, I really like my AXO's. :) Maybe not as much snob appeal but I have never had a foot injury in the ten years I have used them. Comfort is great for me although admittedly I have never used the higher end boots.



99'YZ-400 (Mine)

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93' CR-80 (Just sold it. Looking for another TTR125 for Son #2)

99' PW-80 (Son #3)

Only Tech-8's for me, and I could care less about "snob appeal"


I think the Tech 6 is a good value, that is what I wear currently. One complaint I have with this boot is I don’t think the sole lasts very long, I did buy the replacement inserts but the area around them is almost 100% gone. Okay, I have another complaint, the boot doesn’t seal the calf area very well, I don’t know what guys that ride in mud do about this. I ran almost half of a 80 mile race with a large pebble rubbing a hole in my instep that I’m sure my old Fox boots would have kept out. On that note, my Fox Formas were junk and fell apart in a few different places a bit prematurely, IMO.

Anyway I’m also in the market for some new boots, right now I’m leaning heavily towards the new Gaerne MX model. Anybody have an opinion on those?

spose it depends what fits you

i tried tech 8's and found them to narrow

gearne boots have been by far the most comfy boots ive tried,,,,

also not been tech 8's im not paying over the odds to fund top ridders sponsorship


"when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"

<h4><font color="navy">Gaerne boots are definately the most comfortable boots for people with big feet because they are wide in the foot and calf. I wear a size 14 boot and they're great! :) My last two pairs of boots have been Gaerne.

I've heard a lot about the buckles breaking on the Alpinestars, though they are replacable. Just a minor inconvenience. They're comfortable too, but mostly for people with smaller feet. Long lasting too.

Alpinestars also has a new boot out, I forget what the model name is, but they look VERY unique, almost like space cadet boots. I haven't heard much about the comfort/quality of these boots but they look very sweet.

I would just make sure you spend at least $190 on a pair, generally speaking, a good pair of boots will start around that price and go on up.

Just my 2cents.</FONT></H4>



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Originally posted by teamtoxic:

<h4><font color="navy">

Just my 2cents.</FONT></H4>

...you forgot the cup of coffee! :)

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Hey I'm with Hick, leaning towards the Gaerne SG1. Sorry I don't have first hand experience with them but I've heard many good things about them. You can get them for $235 too. Maybe our man Ferry will post an opinion, he wears them. :)

It's worth checking out the Alpine Vectors as well.

I use them with the SuperFeet insert. Great combo.

I like the durability of my Tech 6's but they still seem stiff. There about 4 months old. I wear them alot even walking around the track. I have heard however the Tech 8's break in faster and are real easy to break in. They told us to take care of our feet in the Marine Corp. and they will take care of you. I still think it's true. My 2 cents.

Dennis :)

I am on my 2nd pair of tech 8's and I will buy nothing else. The first pair I abused for 3 years and I am sending them to Alpinestar for new soles, toe caps, leather repair and a new strap. I am keeping them as backups and buddy boots. I did try on the 6's and vectors, but they don't feel as good as the 8's.

I really have had good luck with my new O'neal Hardware's. They broke in really fast, and are extremely comfortable.

I really like my oniel's too, I picked up a pair of Matrix from Motosport Outlet for $139 and free shipping (they have the hardware for $229.99)... Great value as everyone else was selling the boots for 199.99 to 239.00

Not as much flash as having the big star on your boot but you could by lot's of other gear with the left over $$$

BTW - Motosport Outlet is great, good prices and free shipping on any order over $100.00 -very personabl service just great experience - wish I could say the same about some others...

I own a pair of Tech 6 and they're very comfortable, but they are a bit too hard and the soles are made of pencil eraser material, they wear and chunk way too fast, I didn't ride very often and I already need new sole. you need rubber footpeg for these sole.... :)

My old AXO soles where in fairly good shape even after 3 season.

They're also not very waterproof, first water crossing, and you're both feet very wet

Maybe Alpinestar is the hot ticket for those who ride dry MX only and don't pay, but for everyone else, look elsewhere..

my 2 cents


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4Banger, I have done the same thing w/ 2 pr. of Tech 8's. Now I rotate boots, when one pr. of soles wear out, I purchase new Alpinestar sole kit/Toe kit $37.00 & take to local shoe repair shop. They install new sole & Toe kit for $20-30 dollars. This has worked perfectly for me. I won't wear anything but Tech 8's, unless another boot manufacturer offers for free. FYI: anyone should be able to buy Tech 8's for $259-279 range-----mailorder or local shops will match pricing. Good luck w/ dealers

No offense to anybody here, but, My guess is that anyone who recomends anything other than

the almighty Tech 8's has never owned a pair of pair of Tech 8's AND actually went through the break in process! This is hands down the best boot made. There is a reason that 75% of all people who ride wear them. (the other 25% don't want to fork out the dough)

That is why I am afraid to try them! I might be hooked for life and have to fork out the big bucks. You know ignorance is bliss!



99'YZ-400 (Mine)

00' TT-R 125 (Hers)

91' KX-125 (Son #1)

93' CR-80 (Just sold it. Looking for another TTR125 for Son #2)

99' PW-80 (Son #3)

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