which riding boots do you wear?

Yes, but your feet will thank you later

I wear tech 8's the comfortable boots after they are worn in.

MSR System 6, $190 & made by Alpinstar. Replacable inserts & buckles are interchangable.

I have a pair of AXO RC4's and love them to death. They are very similar to Alpinestars and very comfy. They have a lot of support and can take quite a beating I've found out.


Power valves and reeds may break my bones, but valves and cams excite me!

I just wanted to let you guys know that I picked up some White vented Tech 8's yesterday (for a steal at $265!) Man are these things NICE! They put my old boots to shame as far as support and comfort goes...plus they look really good! For any of you guys trying to decide which boots to buy...I would for sure buy the Tech 8's! Thanks,



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

On my 4rth pair of Alpine Stars. Tech 7s, Tech 8s, and just plain ole Alpine Stars from the Seventies. I'm contemplating a new pair of boots but they will be Alpine Stars.



I too just got some new Tech 8's. My wife and I took about an hour to try on everything we could find and I liked those the best. The Tech 6's were nice, the only difference was the Tech 8's felt like they had more pillowy stuff (for lack of a better word) inside than the Tech 6. Made for a better fit around the ankle I think. I was raped on the price, but I HAD to have them this weekend so I could test the new bike :D and I knew that I was getting robbed so I suppose that makes it ok. :)

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