2011 KX250F FI Issue - Any help appreciated..

OK - I'm new to the boards so hello and thanks in advance for reading. I have wrenched bikes for years but this is my first wrestling match with a 11 KX250F FI. We replaced the top end on it and the bike will now not start. Valve clearance is dead on - timing is perfect and everything looks to be plugged up correctly. Here is the issue - we noted that the fuel pump is not pumping gas to the FI - dry as a bone - if you put a little gas in the cylinder, the bike fires and of course dies but after a few more kicks you get a dry plug. No matter what I try, gas is not entering the cylinder. I also ran a compression check and am pulling good there as well. Checked the fuel pump cable pins, connections other cables etc. Tried pulling the starter plug, twisted the throttle, kicked a few times nothing. The owner did say it was hard to start when he first bought it but after it was "primed" it ran fine. I'm banging my head on the shop floor... Any help would be appreciated, trouble shooting, personal experience, Etc...

pm ron hamp, he sould be able to help

I had a similar issue I went through when I prepped my bike for the first time after buying it.. There is a ton of electrical connections.. Ended up even through the plug was in it was not seated good which prevented it from running.. So might want to unplug and replug in all the connectors you disconnected

If it ran before you took it apart and you said when you put fuel in the cylinder it will start but not run that is a good indication that it is not getting fuel as designed. I would take the tank off and triple check all connections. leave the fuel line disconnected from the injector and supply power to the pump either by kicking or external power supply and watch for fuel from the pump. Start there and get back to us. Remember all your experiences like this... The problem is usually something you have done to the bike and not something the bike has done to you. Just be meticulous and you will find the problem.

The positive line was broken at the base of the plug going into the fuel pump. Now I have to buy a new pump - I was shocked when I priced it! Thanks for your help ... If I could find out who makes the plug I could replace it but that may be difficult.

Can you get a picture, maybe we can advise? I feel your pain. Remember this... if someone put it together we should be able to take it apart and fix it. When I worked for Toyota I would take apart those so called no serviceable switches and relays, repair them and put them back together for about half the cost of a new switch and I would charge more than enough for my time. Most of those connectors are snap together pieces, just figuring out how to snap them apart without breaking them the first time can be tedious. If your patient you can do it and save some major doe.

you may want to send an email to kawasaki they may help you.. I wouldn't hold your breath but it's possible

I have mine apart now for a rebuild. I see what you are talking about. Is there any pigtail left where the wire broke? If not, I would try to cut all the epoxy out and remove the pin then replace the wire before I bought a new pump. You don't need to worry about breaking it now, just be patient enough to remove all the epoxy without rendering it useless. If you do succeed in removing the wire you need enough of the connector left to attach a new wire in. You could start with a small dremal or sharp razor blades and pick away at it. Good luck!

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I had to buy a new pump. I am now trying to find the supplier of those connectors because this seems to be something thats going to happen a lot. The wires are extremely small and very fragile. If I can find a supplier I will post it so you guys will have it just in case. The small dealer here has sold 4 2011 250F's and two fuel pumps if that tells you anything. I also have a call in to KAWI to see if there are any others having this problem.

Was there nothing sticking out of the connector to solder to? Can you get us a picture?

i think he means like this...


should i be able to take the excess wire from my hour meter and solder it to each of these ends??

Link didn't work.

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