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Texas Riders - Heads up - HB2470 has passed the house.

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You may not ride a sportbike but this discriminatory bill has passed the house without anyone knowing about it. Contact your state senator if you'd like to voice your opinion against it. More info here:


and here


Basically, if you ride a sportbike, your passenger needs an M endorsement too.

HB 2470

Author: Phillips

Last Action: 05/05/2011 S Received from the House

Caption: Relating to the regulation of sport bikes and certain other motorcycles.

In a nutshell, they're looking at a series of things to include:

1) Definition of a sportbike

Section 541.201, Transportation Code, is amended

by adding Subdivision (18-a) to read as follows:

(18-a) "Sport bike" means a motorcycle:

(A) that is optimized for speed, acceleration,

braking, and maneuverability on paved roads;

(:thumbsup: that has a light-weight frame;

© on which the rider leans forward over the gas

tank; and

(D) is not a touring, cruiser, standard, or

dual-sport motorcycle.

2) The passenger on a sportbike is defined as one who is 18 or older with an "M" endorsement

SECTION 4. Subchapter I, Chapter 545, Transportation Code,

is amended by adding Section 545.4161 to read as follows:

Sec. 545.4161. OPERATION OF SPORT BIKE. (a) In addition to

the requirements and prohibitions under Section 545.416, an

operator may not carry another person on a sport bike unless the

sport bike is designed to carry more than one person, and unless:

(1) the operator:

(A) is at least 18 years of age; and

(:confused: has had a Class M license for at least two

years; or

(2) the other person:

(A) is at least 18 years of age and holds a Class

M license; or

(:worthy: is a motorcycle operator training and safety

course instructor certified under Chapter 662.

(:busted: An operator of a sport bike shall ensure that a

passenger on the sport bike complies with all department

regulations relating to motorcycle safety.

3) The addition of requisite 'safety' equipment to include:

Sec. 547.803. SPORT BIKE SAFETY EQUIPMENT. If a sport bike

is designed to carry more than one person, the sport bike must be

equipped with foot pegs and handholds for use by a passenger on the

sport bike.

4) Defining Motorcycle to include Sportbike

SECTION 7. Section 661.001(1), Transportation Code, is

amended to read as follows:

(1) "Motorcycle" means a motor vehicle designed to

propel itself with not more than three wheels in contact The term

includes a sport bike, as defined by Section 541.201.

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Copied from http://www.twtex.com/forums/showthread.php?t=59215&page=18

My understanding is the House bill (HB2470) was approved by the House side of the legislature and sent to the Senate side in the form we know it in post #1. You can also access the exact version via the various links pointing to it on the official legislature site.

So the bill cleared the House with ease and moved to the Senate.

For it to progress, there needs to be a corresponding Senate side bill of which there was none. That means the House bill went to the proper Senate Committee for evaluation, discussion etc. Since we had generated enough questions about the discriminatory aspects, selective enforcement capabilities, lack of a system to verify when an "M" endorsement was granted and so forth, the Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee had two options. One - Craft a Senate side bill and set it for reading, discussion, witness testimony and vote to see if it passed their side and mate it with the House version, or Two - let it die in the Committee by not creating anything to mate up with the House version.

There was no 'companion' Senate side bill to match up with to even make it out of Committee.

In short, we the law was killed.

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