Hi guys

I've got a dilema with my 2003 drz sk3 with 17,000 on the clock:cry:

I took my bike for a little bimble around and after exiting a dual carriageway and pulling up at lights the bike just cut out for no reason. I started her back up to hear a fast paced knocking:foul:. This knocking got a bit louder and after limping home the bike sounded terrible,and would cut out everytime i came to a stop. Any advice would be greatly apreciated as now i feel like a complete lemon for buying the bike 3 weeks ago! :thumbsup:

p.s when i checked the oil i might of threded the oil dipstick cap :confused::blush::worthy:

sounds like rod bearing failure.

Cheers for the rapid response Eddie :thumbsup::confused::worthy:

sounds like rod bearing failure.

Is this a big job? as i have the mechanical skills of an idiot!:thumbsup:

Best to remove left and right engine covers, see locktite fixes, to rule out those possibilies, rod knock is a major job.

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