i have broke my barrel on my motorbike, does amnyone know where i can send it to get replated ?

do a search for LA sleeve..

I sent my cylinder to Powerseal USA and it came out great! They welded a couple grooves, replated, bored/honed to spec ($240 total). They're located in Pennsylvania, USA so not sure how much shipping would be for you. Another US company that has good reviews is Millenium Technologies in Wisconsin I think.

If you broke the barrel, you're going to have to either buy a new one, or have a sleeve put in it depending on where the break is. Plating is just for when the plating is worn off.

millenium has fixed some very hashed jugs for me, welded up some things I figured for junk. and I paid a lot less then $200

what exactly do you mean by broke ?

these guys do replating , new liners etc,based in the midlands

its where i go for rebores etc,they call themselves 2 stroke specialists but they do anything

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