2008 crf250f

Looking to buy a brand new CRF250F any pro's or con's on this year bike. Thanks in advance.


- titanium exhaust valves don't last long, like 20hrs

- mid stroke harshness in the front forks = needs re-valve, lowering oil helps, see mxa mag for how much to lower too

- clutch basket is soft as cheese, will need replacing fairly quickly

- bogs of idle if you crack the throttle or from low rpm = boysen quick shot fixes it if your picky

i know this as i own one and have done lots of research on it

I had over 50 hrs on my 08 before the valves tightened. I do race in the woods though, not on the mx track. But I believe most of the Honda's have valve issues after 50 or so hrs. The forks were harsh, but I have revalved all my bikes. My biggest issue besides the cost off rebuilding the head is starting. The bike likes to be in neutral and I need to find tdc first. Definetly miss my two stoke when it comes to starting it.

Bump up the pilot to 45, get the 40 leak and 172 main, runs really strong. Starting isnt an issue with me. Starts on first or second kick 90% of the time hot or cold. Just go neutral and TDC. Forks could use work, pipes loud as hell. Mine is set up for trails with a q4 and pmb side stand, love the bike.

I have two. Done lots of work on them top to bottom.

First, remember all bikes have issues just choice your poison.

Stock forks are harsh mid stroke. Actually pretty harsh. Adjust the oil height though and it gets ok. Save your money on a revalve until you try the new oil level and make sure your spring rates are right.

Steering damper stock is basically a waste. If you change the oil weight to a heavier weight thought it works ok. Then its better then nothing.

Yes the valves wear but if you reseal the air box (a must for valve life) and also make very sure that the intake boot is attached its about equal to other bikes. I have talked with a number of mechanics who say the back side of the boot is not attached when a bike comes into their shop. Its very easy to miss if you don’t check the full circumference of the boot.

Clutch basket is soft but not excessively soft.

Carb bog is an issue but adjustable leak jet fixes the problem

Starting for 08's can definitely be harder then other bikes. Once you learn the technique its still hard but not a deal breaker IMO.

I love mine. with that said i did have some problems at first with starting. Once i got that sorted out with jetting issues and issues in the ap circuit it has become probably my favorite bike ive ever riden. I sold my heavily modded kx450 setup for woods riding for the crf which at the time was stock.

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